edit or delete an entry

to edit or delete any entry, simply tap on it while in list view and use the the popup form

your weigh-in count

on larger screens the weigh-in count is displayed next to the word 'weigh-in' in the navigation bar
on smaller screens the weigh-in count is displayed in the slide-out navigation menu

interacting with the chart

clicking on a data point reveals the exact date and weigh-in amount
if you have over 60 entries, you can zoom in and out with your mouse's scroll wheel (desktop only)

add to your homescreen

for added convenience, add the log-in page to your Android or iOS device homescreen by following this guide

note: if you added the login page to your homescreen prior to January 29th, you will have to remove it and add the login page above to make the homescreen link work correctly agai

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